Anthony Grimes


Anthony Grimes is an internationally recognized organizer, thought-leader, and storyteller. He has held executive-level positions for several prominent national organizations and is currently the director of communications at the Korbel School of International Studies. Working at the intersection of jazz and hip-hop, Grimes roots himself in the black-led tradition of truth-telling. At the beginning of the Ferguson uprisings, Grimes led freedom rides to Ferguson that resulted in growing a grassroots organizing network of over 14,000 people through his founding of the Denver Freedom Riders.

Sought after for his insights and leadership, Grimes is regularly invited to participate in global initiatives. He was the inaugural touring speaker for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Beloved Community tour in Europe; The keynote speaker for the Netherland’s Decade for People of African Descent conferences in partnership with the United Nations; As well, he co-led a People of Color delegation to Palestine comprised of some of the world’s top organizers across a variety of movements, including the Movement for Black lives. As a filmmaker, Grimes has directed and produced several short films and documentaries based everywhere from Watts to Cuba.

Grimes was recognized by Colorado State University as a Distinguished First Generation Scholar before receiving his B.A. in Speech Communication and Ethnic Studies. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary, and was recognized by his staff and peers with two of the top honors of the school: The Raymond Mcglaughlin Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Preaching and The Carey S. Thomas Award for Excellence in Christian Leadership and Service.

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