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BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised in the St. Louis Missouri area, Cori is an ordained pastor, an activist & organizer with Ferguson Frontline, co-director of the Truth Telling Project, an international presenter on nonviolent conflict, and a Nonviolence 365 Ambassador with The King Center, civics chairperson for Better Family Life Inc.’s Membership Association, and a part of Ferguson’s Women’s Caucus. She is an organizer with Michael Brown Sr.’s Chosen for Change Foundation and is the host of her own internet radio show titled ‘ground.ed’ on BlogTalkRadio produced by Tribe Family Channel and Gumbo for the Soul. Cori is also in the process of forming the new Ferguson/ St. Louis chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), to help ensure that the Kingian philosophy on nonviolence is ever present in the St. Louis area. She is a recipient of the 2015 Woman of Courage Award from the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation. She is also a registered nurse, supervising nursing services for several mental health facilities in St. Louis city that serve the homeless, underserved, underinsured, and uninsured. Cori has been on the frontlines of the Ferguson movement as a protester, as clergy, as a medic and as a victim of police assault on the day of the announcement not to indict Darren Wilson. She has been interviewed numerous times by several local, national, and international media outlets and travels the country highlighting the voices of the voiceless bringing light to their stories. Cori plans to continue to stand alongside the youth of today in the fight for justice and equality for all. Because of this commitment, she is currently running for the office of United States Senate for the State of Missouri, taking the hearts of the people to Washington, D.C.

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