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INTERVIEW: Diary of a Young Pro

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Jay-Marie has been activating communities and stimulating minds for 14 years. With a start in transformative justice mediation in high school, Jay-Marie went on to graduate from Stanford University with a degree in Theater & Performance Studies, and a minor in African & African American Studies. They completed an honors thesis on Gender Non-Conformity on the Black Woman-Gendered Body, from South Africa to America(n Imperialism). Jay-Marie also received a Masters Degree and CA Teaching Certificate from the University of Southern California and taught classroom instruction (all subjects) for ages K-12 from 2011-2015.
Their 2010 invite-only welcome into the Brown Boi Project truly politicized their orientation to gender and class, but the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin is ultimately what drew them into organizing and movement work. As a student of race, performance, gender, and belonging, Jay-Marie is a loud advocate of supporting and empowing the lives experience of Black women & girls, cis + trans – #SayHerName – as they are most at risk of being denied space to thrive. Jay-Marie’s past work ranges from local, statewide & national organizing (Brown Boi Project, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism, Movement 4 Black Lives, Black Youth Project 100), to youth arts education & arts administration, having run & launched programs at Robert Moses’ KIN, New Conservatory Theater Center, & Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and more). They were an invited member of the Interfaith Peace Builder’s POC & Indigenous Delegation for the collaborative organizing trip to Palestine in 2016 and similarly, participated in the coalitional, cross-cultural organizing h work with Dalit women from India when they traveled to Oakland in 2015.
They are a founding member & co-songwriter of Rev. Sekou & the Holy Ghost (est. 2015) and co-produced the group’s debut album The Revolution Has Come (2016, Farfetched).¬†Their newest initiative – #ProjectAIM: Allies in Motion – seeks to inspire everyday people with physical, mental, emotional nourishment and a foundation of political education to help them shape and mold a new world free of anti-Blackness, transphobia & misogyny. Ultimately, GenderQueer artist, activist and renegade, Jay-Marie shines – onstage & off – with a vibrancy that makes you want to slow down and celebrate your own existence. Look out for Jay-Marie’s next released music projects in 2018 & find them online: @musicfreedomdreams on all platforms.

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