The Truth Telling Collective offers workshops, trainings, keynotes, panels, performances, facilitation and consulting services. We are also able to customize our services based on your specific needs. Below are some examples of the topics and issues we cover. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss the needs of you, your community or organization.

From Protest To Politics

· From Protest to Politics
· Everyday Feminism: Apply intersectional feminism to your real life
· Compassionate Activism: Respond to everyday oppression
· Gender & Sexuality 101 for Cis Folks
· Anti-Blackness & 21st Century Coded Racism
· Latin(a)X Struggles and Culture Intersectional Identities and the Movement
· Beyond Black History Month
· Different Shades of Feminism
· Transforming Your Intuition or Organization
· Restorative & Reprative Justice

Anti-Racism Work

· Dealing with White Supremacist- non-violent Training
· Challenging White Supremacy: How to deal with Trickle Down Trump-ism
· How to Recognize White Privilege and be an Ally/ Co-Conspirator
· Equipping the Youth: Anti-Racism, Teaching & Parenting
· Transforming Your Intuition or Organization
· The Importance of Accepting Black and Brown Leadership
· From Resistance to Reparations
· Disaster Capitalism and Disaster Profiteering
· Decolonizing Your Classroom
· It’s Time to Listen
· Divestment on Your Campus

Art and Activism

· Knitting for Black Liberation
· Live Performance by Activists
· Theater, Storytelling & Song: Creativity in Resistance
· Art, Music & Social Justice: The Lineage is Long
· Hip-Hop and Activism
· Black Traumatization and Hip-Hop Healing

Grassroots Organizing

· Campus Organizing
· Social Media and Your Movement
· Grassroots Fundraising
· Queering the Conversation
· Kingian Non-Violence
· Faculty Brown Bag: Cultural Concerns Series

Multi-Faith Coalition Building

· Interfaith Cooperation
· Anti-Islamaphobia
· Faith Based Activism
· Coalition Building for Immigrants