READ: The Invisible War: A Portrait Of Structural Racismand Mental Health in the Life of a Formerly Incarcerated U.S. Born Africana Man


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As a graduate from Georgia State University, with a Master’s degree in Africana Studies, a specialization in mental health, and community empowerment, and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with concentrations in African American Studies, and Criminology, I accepted a fellowship with Forever Family Atlanta ( in conjunction with my thesis project, The Invisible War: A Portrait of Structural Racism and Mental Health in the Life of a Formerly Incarcerated U.S. Born Africana Man.

Forever Family is Atlanta’s leading organization/advocacy group providing social services for the families and children of incarcerated mothers. In addition to my participation in activities with community organizations such as The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and The Blackhouse Collective, this appointment enabled me to develop not only specific interpersonal communication and organizational experience, but also a valuable skill set in hands-on, people-centric community work.

Additionally, I am currently developing my dissertation project, Shadow Alchemy, a decolonial, community depth psychological framework for protective healing as nonviolent resistance. My work theorizes a critical race depth psychology, a kind of Third World Depth Psychology for valuing, in some ways synthesizing, and finally, amplifying the healings and resistances of the shadowed peoples of the world to the level of the archetypal-original, and the alchemical-transformative. Further, Shadow Alchemy examines the ways in which intentional language, ritual (both psychologically oriented as well as somatic), collective dialogue, creative imagination (visualization, meditations, and commitment projects), and storytelling can be employed toward healing as nonviolent resistance, and ultimately toward harmonious individual, community, broader social, and global transformation.

I am now engaged in doctoral studies for Depth Psychology (Analytical Psychology), with specializations in community psychology, ecopsychology, indigenous psychology, and liberation psychology in a limited residency program at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. My long-term goal is to construct an accessible community wellness center in my own community, utilizing a model that will be replaceable in similar communities of color, both domestically and internationally.

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