Amber McZeal


READ: House/Full of Black Women Dreaming Artist in Residence

FACEBOOK GROUP: Racism and the Soul: an In-depth look

Biography: Amber McZeal is a writer, vocalist, sacred scholar, liberation arts practitioner and cultural change-agent weaving somatic practice with social justice and spirituality. Her cultural and intellectual ethos has been greatly shaped by her lived experience in the post-Hurricane Katrina social and political climate. As an activist and organizer, her approach centers on the imagination as foundational in our movements to end racism, oppression and injustice and create more humane social relationships. As owner and creative director of Evolution Muse Healing Arts Production, she encourages our collective movement beyond what we wish to disrupt, toward what we want to create.

Amber holds a Master’s degree in Somatic depth psychology and is currently a doctoral candidate in Community, Liberation and Ecological depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA.

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