Our Workshops

From Protest To Politics

· From Protest to Politics
· Everyday Feminism: Apply intersectional feminism to your real life
· Compassionate Activism: Respond to everyday oppression
· Gender & Sexuality 101 for Cis Folks
· Anti-Blackness & 21st Century Coded Racism
· Latin(a)X Struggles and Culture Intersectional Identities and the Movement
· Beyond Black History Month
· Different Shades of Feminism
· Transforming Your Intuition or Organization
· Restorative & Reprative Justice

Anti-Racism Work

· Dealing with White Supremacist- non-violent Training
· Challenging White Supremacy: How to deal with Trickle Down Trump-ism
· How to Recognize White Privilege and be an Ally/ Co-Conspirator
· Equipping the Youth: Anti-Racism, Teaching & Parenting
· Transforming Your Intuition or Organization
· The Importance of Accepting Black and Brown Leadership
· From Resistance to Reparations
· Disaster Capitalism and Disaster Profiteering
· Decolonizing Your Classroom
· It’s Time to Listen
· Divestment on Your Campus

Art and Activism

· Knitting for Black Liberation
· Live Performance by Activists
· Theater, Storytelling & Song: Creativity in Resistance
· Art, Music & Social Justice: The Lineage is Long
· Hip-Hop and Activism
· Black Traumatization and Hip-Hop Healing

Grassroots Organizing

· Campus Organizing
· Social Media and Your Movement
· Grassroots Fundraising
· Queering the Conversation
· Kingian Non-Violence
· Faculty Brown Bag: Cultural Concerns Series

Multi-Faith Coalition Building

· Interfaith Cooperation
· Anti-Islamaphobia
· Faith Based Activism
· Coalition Building for Immigrants